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My panel discussion from HP Discover is now available on-demand from the HP Discover 2012 website. It was a great discussion led by Neil Miles, HP’s Mobility Solution Manager, with Kitty Chow from HP’s Technical Services Marketing, Lars Koelendorf  HP’s PSS Life Cycle Marketing Manager, Ajay Gupta the Director of Notebook Product Management and myself. We talked about everything from how to mobilize the enterprise to HP’s latest offerings in the mobile space.

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Link to Panel Discussion Video.

Panel Group Photo


Day 3 HP Discover

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Mobility, Uncategorized

It was another great day at HP Discover. Starting the last day today and the sun is shining here in Frankfurt. It’s been an incredible experience to see everything HP has to offer across so many different areas of mobility. During my panel yesterday, I was able to sit with a group that spanned networking, software, hardware and consulting and had a great response from a packed audience. I also had a chance to walk the floor and get up close to some of our latest products that fall into the mobility space, namely the HP ElitePad as well as the Envy Hybrid and Revolve. All these are based on Windows 8 and really take advantage of the touch capabilities, but what was most impressive was the quality of design, the weight and the size. Check out some of the photos below. I’ve also included a really cool printing project done by artist Red Hong showing how to make art on a budget of one print cartridge and a standard HP printer.


HP News in full effect at HP Discover. They’ve been all over the place.


I got a chance to check out the revolve. Prior to this I’d only seen the Envy Hybrid, this adds a whole new dimension to what we’re offering in the market.


Close up of the Revolve. It’s as light as it looks! If I walked around to customer’s with this computer I don’t think they would ever have anything else on their desk again. The whole feel is new.


The ElitePad is a great enterprise mobile device that puts tablet capabilities back into the hands of IT. What I mean is that it’s fully serviceable in house. Oh and it looks and feels pretty cool too.


I think the Envy X2 Hyrbrid is going to be a true game changer for the mobile workforce! It gives you the true experience of both a laptop and a tablet.


The Envy X2 Hybrid in tablet mode. Light and well constructed, also surprisingly easy to remove and place back onto the keyboard.


This is the printing project I was talking about earlier in the post. It’s about 20 feet high and all done with 1 ink cartridge!


Heading out to Day 2 of HP Discover. Had a great first day with lots of good topics and the energy is amazing. Lots going on in the Mobility space here this week and have heard some really interesting questions from customers. Heading out for my panel in just a little bit:  Empowering the mobile workforce: BYOD and beyond. Have a good crowd scheduled and hoping to have a really interactive session. If you are at HP Discover and don’t have your mobile app, get it here!

Mobility SiG

Starting the day with a discussion on mobility with some of our key European customers. Great discussion!

HP Anywhere

Watching a demonstration of HP Anywhere technology. Notice the Enyo logo, incorporating our open source technology into our software products. Also showing off the HP Discover Event app built on Enyo!

Enterprise Mobility

Other side of the Mobility section of booths. This one is the Enterprise Services Gateway that connects to existing back-end systems. Also using Enyo and HP Anywhere on the front-end!

HP DISCOVER Starts this Morning

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just getting ready to head out to HP DISCOVER! Checked out the setup yesterday and it’s going to be amazing. If you are in town be sure to stop by for my panel discussion on Wednesday (Empowering the mobile workforce: BYOD and beyond), otherwise, check out the latest of what’s available online.