Focus on Enterprise Operational Excellence To Accelerate Transformation

Posted: July 6, 2017 in Executive Corner
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Originally published on the IDC Community blog

IDC research shows that a unified approach between IT executives and managers and LOB  and product teams accelerates transformation outcomes, notably around speed, quality, and customer experience outcomes.

By placing emphasis on four core areas: leadership, collaboration, culture, and metrics; enterprise executives can unite IT and LOB to streamline digital transformation (DX). The main goal is to create an environment where the organization can continue changing down the line, minimizing the interruption of workflows, sustain the changes, improve measurement capabilities,  and encourage better integration between and among teams of talent, company culture and policies.

Creating a proper leadership team is the first step to success in DX and that leadership team must consider how participating teams will collaborate and/or integrate. They must push through difficult cultural and political issues that arise during the planning and implementation processes. Further, they need to create the “right culture” that will allow their organization to overcome adverse political, technology and process situations.

Developing a team and shifting a company’s culture is one thing, but how do you know that it’s working? The only way to track success is through metrics and tracking. It’s important that metrics are used to create a baseline so that the teams can measure their progress and can use the numbers to dissolve political opinions. By tracking progress, your leadership team can adjust when necessary enabling a tighter business relationship and creating transparent objectives for digital transformation projects.

Key questions for evaluating the four core elements of operational excellence:


  • Which leaders of the organization will be responsible for driving a project? Overseeing a Center of Excellence?
  • What metrics matter?
  • What’s his/her level of long-term commitment with these items?
  • Do these leaders have the right talent available to start transformation in their LOB or IT area?


  • What governance policies can you invest in that will help IT talent access systems and work together to drive stronger security, audit, and compliance capabilities?
  • How can current workload challenges be addressed in a scalable way?
  • Are new tools required?


  • In what ways can you foster an environment that allows the “acceptance” of failure?
  • How can you bring about an understanding and awareness of your organization’s cultural traits to all members of your organization?
  • How can you use new incentives to create sense of urgency, communication reasons for change and to communicate what changes are necessary?


  • What project will the Center of Excellence lead, and what are the metrics used for measurement?
  • Which business metrics will be best to use from start of the project planning cycle?
  • How will you measure and what will the baseline be so that teams can measure progress against one another and dissolve political opinions?
  • Which dashboard investments will you make and which business and technical metrics will you monitor?Learn how to drive operational excellence by attending IDC’s July 20th web conference, Incorporating Operational Excellence in the IT Organization.Find more resources geared towards the enterprise executive by visting .

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