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Growing up in a time of phones with dials and long cords provides on with a true understanding of being connected, literally. There was only so far you could get away from the wall before your cord fully extended and you were stuck. For me it was from the kitchen door to the edge of the couch in the family room. Today, we look at the idea of being connected in a completely different manner, today “digital natives” scoff at us old folks when we talk of the days of a phone with a cord, and, to be honest, they scoff at us at the idea that a phone is meant as a device that you simply use to talk to people with. To put it in context I look back to a conversation I had with a colleague a few years ago who worked at NASA. He would talk often about how there is more computing power in an iPhone than there was in the computers found within the Space Shuttle.

This fundamental shift, where a phone is no longer a phone, but a super computer sitting in your pocket is having a dramatic impact on the telecos that have to provide the backbone infrastructure and services that allow that super computer to realize its full potential. And now the innovators in our world have thrown a whole new level of disruption at the industry with the explosion of IoT devices that have branched out from our mobile phones to create a connected world the likes of which science fiction authors have been promising for decades. To put it into perspective, IDC forecasts that the global installed base of IoT devices will hit 28.1 billion by the year 2020 , this is in contrast to the current smart-phone install based of approximately 3 billion devices. That same prediction put the possible revenue of IoT at $1.7 trillion.