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Artificial intelligence (AI) is permeating every aspect of our personal and professional lives, but many companies have yet to grasp the power and revolutionary capabilities it brings. While public perceptions of AI can be skewed by science fiction’s (almost entirely theoretical) depiction of hyper-intelligent humanoid robots, the enterprise view can also be out of step with reality. Many still view AI as completely focused on high-performance or cloud-based computing models. In actuality, advances in hardware, software, and algorithm optimization mean that AI opportunities are now incredibly broad, and often far more down to earth. (more…)

Update – little ditty written a year ago as I jumped back into consulting. interesting how times change as the winds have shifted one year later.

There are times in our lives when everything is just falling right into place, where we see what the future is and how we can attain those things we want. That moment when there is no fear, no concern, and no consternation. You know those times when all is well, and you know exactly how everything is going to turn out. OK, so that time, at least for me, has never existed outside some random romcom found on a late night of Netflix. Instead, we live in a world that sits in a constant state of turmoil presenting us with a myriad of choices on a moment by moment basis that, if not looked at with depth and detail could surely lead to our ultimate demise. This is no more apparent in our lives that when looking at a career path. Every step in that path is fraught with danger, do you take the next job, do you take on that project that could lead you to the next level, or could lead you to, once again, ruin? These choices are not something that we, as adults, can take lightly, but, also, there is no roadmap to really guide us along the way. Sure, there are all the books, all the articles on what it takes to get ahead, but when it comes right down to it, not one of us has the exact same path. And, along with our different paths, there are other people involved in all those decisions. For some, it’s family, some it’s people they work with, or worked with and then there are those uncontrolled random influences that come along and can screw up the best-laid plans and idea. The song “Jamaica Mistaica” by Jimmy Buffett comes to mind in this scenario. For the uninitiated, the song is about a great trip flying his seaplane into a secluded harbor in Jamaica only to be fired upon by local law enforcement thinking he was a drug smuggler. All he wanted was a cheeseburger by the bay and they ruined his plane and his day.


2017predictionsReleased our 2017 CIO Predictions and currently working with my colleagues on a multi-part series diving deeper into where CIOs will be focusing their money and talent this coming year. Check out the full press release and the predictions.

Today’s IT organizations are divided into two camps: those that thrive by effectively leveraging digital technologies, new business models, and entrepreneurial cultures; and those that are saddled by technical debt, plodding business processes, and lack of a digitally-fueled vision for the future. To help CIOs and IT executives successfully lead their organizations through accelerating digital transformation, International Data Corporation (IDC) today unveiled IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2017 Predictions (Doc #US41845916).

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SAMR12Flying to New York the other day to talk about mobility. Day started out with an upgrade to the new PS service on United that gives you the international 1st class experience domestically. That includes a plug for your iPhone, a personal screen with hundreds of channels, your own personal reading light and basically a pod office in the sky with wifi and outlets. In today’s world, we truly can be mobile anywhere, and our expectations are that we will have all the amenities needed for that mobile workplace whenever and wherever we are. This is proven by the moniker of the “Starbucks Experience” we hear about so often in the enterprise now. Our expectations in the 21st century or large and the world is changing to meet them.


This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences. It was great that all I had to do was go to the break room at the office to see it!

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So I can’t help but wonder who is in charge of Digital Marketing at the University of Southern California that allowed this LinkedIn ad to go out without proofing. Doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in their Communication’s program if they can’t spell “Brochure” properly.

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So I know that most of my writing has been on the Mobile Enterprise, but this is one of those “other musings.” I was with friends this weekend and shown an email that one of their sons (Spencer) wrote in response to a forwarded WSJ article letting him know how lazy he and his Millennial generation is. It struck me, not just because the writing’s funny, but because it reminded me so much of how everyone talked about my generation (Gen X) back in the 90’s. We were all going to turn out to be nothing because we were lazy, didn’t follow the rules and just didn’t understand the way things were done. To that we said, guilty on the second two fronts, and we set out to change the rules and the way things were done and have never looked back. As this next generation starts to infiltrate the workplace, I can’t help but think things are about to change all over again. To see this all you have to do is look at what mobility and social media have done to change the entire landscape of our lives. With that said, I have reprinted Spencer’s email in its entirety. While the opinions expressed here are Spencer’s and not necessarily mine, I think that this has a bit of something for everyone and is just a glimpse of what’s to come from this next generation.

Begin Email:

This is a response to this article forwarded to me from *****. The initial email read “tough love but true.”  This is the second email like this I’ve gotten from them so felt the need to reply.


You know that old saying; “I feel like a kid again.” We say it when things from our past remind us of how things once were. Maybe it’s the smell of a wood burning fire, or a song from a time past. Today, I’m feeling like a kid again when I look at what’s happening with Mobility. It’s the latest and greatest craze and everyone is jumping on board the mobility train. But for me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, it’s feeling very reminiscent of a time not so long ago. A kinder, gentler time when computers sat under desks and an SGI machine was something to get excited about. I’m talking about the dawn of the web and the changes it brought, not just to our everyday lives, but to our core existence. As we move into this new frontier of a mobile life, we can take a look at many lessons to be learned from the boom of the 1990’s when Mosaic changed the way we looked at our computers. In the early 90’s, computers were mainly used for functions such as email and finance in the corporate space, and for word processing and games in the home. With the onset of AOL and CompuServe, we began to see a quantum shift in the way people used computers, however. They were no longer just a functional tool; they were becoming part of the consumer landscape. This wasn’t lost on advertisers who flocked to spam and other functions during the AOL days. But what really changed this medium forever was the invention of a little application called Mosaic that brought the Internet to the masses in the form of the World Wide Web. People went from using their computers for basic work functions to turning it into an entertainment hub where they could find the latest news, movie info and restaurants. I was there in the early 90s and actively participated in the birth of an industry. Virtual everything sprouted up, some good, some not so good and we all rode a wave of excitement and prosperity. That is, until the bust.