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jetsuitexI travel a lot and have experienced the best and the worst of travel, but regardless of how good the airline is, there is one thing that never changes, the dreaded airport security process. One of the places I fly often to is Los Angeles, where I originally hail from (well Pasadena, and as they say “no one is really from LA, but if they are from LA then they are probably really from Pasadena.”) Anyway, it’s a quick jaunt from San Jose (SJC) to Burbank (BUR). The flight is just long enough for a drink to be served and almost finished before they have to pick up your cup for landing, so it makes sense for us to trek down there via plane. Except, the airports can add anywhere from 2-3 hours to the travel time which makes the trek almost long enough where we say, hell let’s just drive (4.5 hours if Waze provides proper speed trap info). This has been our family’s (and I’m sure many others) classic conundrum when heading down south. That was, until this week.


futurescapeBe sure to join me on November 2nd as I discuss our predictions for the future of the CIO with my colleagues. Registration is free! During this webinar we will discuss the key predictions that will impact CIOs and IT professionals over the next one to three years. Senior IT leaders and line-of-business executives will come away with guidance for managing the implications these predictions harbor for their IT investment priorities and implementation strategies.

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2017 Predictions

Hope you can join!

JennettMWCIf you haven’t seen my latest webinar, it’s available on demand. But if you just want to grab some good info out of it without watching, check out this article from IT World Canada.

Mobility is no longer just about letting devices into the office, it’s about meeting the expectations employees and customers have about accessing data and getting things they want in real-time.

In a recent webinar, Opening the Gates: Creating a Mobility Strategy That Empowers the Business, Mike Jennett, research VP for IDC’s IT executive program, said enterprises need to think more broadly about mobility and be prepared for devices that work autonomously as well as understand that employees and customer are behaving much more like a 24/7 consumer. “It’s up to IT to build the infrastructure and tools to support that.”

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It was a great second day at HP Discover with lots of things going on in the mobility space. We saw some incredible new announcements and a lot of talks about how HP is helping IT to change the way we do business and mobilize the enterprise.


SAMR12Flying to New York the other day to talk about mobility. Day started out with an upgrade to the new PS service on United that gives you the international 1st class experience domestically. That includes a plug for your iPhone, a personal screen with hundreds of channels, your own personal reading light and basically a pod office in the sky with wifi and outlets. In today’s world, we truly can be mobile anywhere, and our expectations are that we will have all the amenities needed for that mobile workplace whenever and wherever we are. This is proven by the moniker of the “Starbucks Experience” we hear about so often in the enterprise now. Our expectations in the 21st century or large and the world is changing to meet them.


I learned a lot of things at Mobile World Congress this year from the various vendors and exhibits. The quality of the information I gathered was top notch, but the most interesting discussions came outside the venue. Whether we were on a break or out to dinner, we were discussing the future of mobile.


This is a great infographic that shows the current trends in what mobile workers are looking for. The infographic comes from a CNN Money article that discusses some of the  Forrester Research results. The really interesting here is the 32% percent that would like to see their next work tablet run Windows. With offerings like the ElitePad, HP should be well positioned to take advantage of this.  Would love to hear people’s thoughts on how this research reflects what you are seeing or thinking.

source:  Forrester Research via CNN Money

source: Forrester Research via CNN Money

tizenWelcome to 2013 and the next chapter in the mobility wars. Next up to the plate, Tizen. Now I know many of you will be saying “hey Tizen isn’t new to the game, it’s been around in one incarnation or another for years now.” While that may be true, this looks to be the year when it breaks out of the open-source basement and hits the streets as a real contender especially now that Samsung spokesperson has confirmed to CNET “that the company plans ‘to unveil competitive Tizen devices within this year.'” With the mobile market really being a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung at this point, that’s a big deal for the market.


It was another great day at HP Discover. Starting the last day today and the sun is shining here in Frankfurt. It’s been an incredible experience to see everything HP has to offer across so many different areas of mobility. During my panel yesterday, I was able to sit with a group that spanned networking, software, hardware and consulting and had a great response from a packed audience. I also had a chance to walk the floor and get up close to some of our latest products that fall into the mobility space, namely the HP ElitePad as well as the Envy Hybrid and Revolve. All these are based on Windows 8 and really take advantage of the touch capabilities, but what was most impressive was the quality of design, the weight and the size. Check out some of the photos below. I’ve also included a really cool printing project done by artist Red Hong showing how to make art on a budget of one print cartridge and a standard HP printer.


HP News in full effect at HP Discover. They’ve been all over the place.


I got a chance to check out the revolve. Prior to this I’d only seen the Envy Hybrid, this adds a whole new dimension to what we’re offering in the market.


Close up of the Revolve. It’s as light as it looks! If I walked around to customer’s with this computer I don’t think they would ever have anything else on their desk again. The whole feel is new.


The ElitePad is a great enterprise mobile device that puts tablet capabilities back into the hands of IT. What I mean is that it’s fully serviceable in house. Oh and it looks and feels pretty cool too.


I think the Envy X2 Hyrbrid is going to be a true game changer for the mobile workforce! It gives you the true experience of both a laptop and a tablet.


The Envy X2 Hybrid in tablet mode. Light and well constructed, also surprisingly easy to remove and place back onto the keyboard.


This is the printing project I was talking about earlier in the post. It’s about 20 feet high and all done with 1 ink cartridge!


HP DISCOVER Starts this Morning

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Just getting ready to head out to HP DISCOVER! Checked out the setup yesterday and it’s going to be amazing. If you are in town be sure to stop by for my panel discussion on Wednesday (Empowering the mobile workforce: BYOD and beyond), otherwise, check out the latest of what’s available online.