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In a recent post on Inc., Geoffrey James detailed the 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses. In truth, most of the information imparted seems fairly straight forward, an extraordinary boss sees “business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield,” and extraordinary boss  believes their employees to be peers, not their children and so on. While these do hold true in the standard business sense, I couldn’t help but think how they pertain to the new medium of mobile devices and their prevalence in the workforce. This led me to the question: Do extraordinary bosses believe in mobility?

As I examined each of the 8 core beliefs I began to see a pattern emerge. The extraordinary boss believes in empowering those around them with the tools to do their jobs. This is a key facet of the march towards a mobile based workforce and a key to allowing BYOD to become the norm of any successful organization.  What is necessary, however, is for there to be an “extraordinary boss” that gets the ball rolling.