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Update – little ditty written a year ago as I jumped back into consulting. interesting how times change as the winds have shifted one year later.

There are times in our lives when everything is just falling right into place, where we see what the future is and how we can attain those things we want. That moment when there is no fear, no concern, and no consternation. You know those times when all is well, and you know exactly how everything is going to turn out. OK, so that time, at least for me, has never existed outside some random romcom found on a late night of Netflix. Instead, we live in a world that sits in a constant state of turmoil presenting us with a myriad of choices on a moment by moment basis that, if not looked at with depth and detail could surely lead to our ultimate demise. This is no more apparent in our lives that when looking at a career path. Every step in that path is fraught with danger, do you take the next job, do you take on that project that could lead you to the next level, or could lead you to, once again, ruin? These choices are not something that we, as adults, can take lightly, but, also, there is no roadmap to really guide us along the way. Sure, there are all the books, all the articles on what it takes to get ahead, but when it comes right down to it, not one of us has the exact same path. And, along with our different paths, there are other people involved in all those decisions. For some, it’s family, some it’s people they work with, or worked with and then there are those uncontrolled random influences that come along and can screw up the best-laid plans and idea. The song “Jamaica Mistaica” by Jimmy Buffett comes to mind in this scenario. For the uninitiated, the song is about a great trip flying his seaplane into a secluded harbor in Jamaica only to be fired upon by local law enforcement thinking he was a drug smuggler. All he wanted was a cheeseburger by the bay and they ruined his plane and his day.