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Originally published on the IDC Community blog

In the Part 3 of this blog, we focused on the essential area of effectively allocating different skillsets of the IT organization to further your innovation initiatives. Of course, another key focus is how the IT organization operates.

As more organizations work through digital transformation, they are finding that many existing development practices and processes do not necessarily work in this new phase of computing. This is leading many executives to embrace the idea of Agile development and all the trapping that go with that, including the transformation of their workspaces and the interactions of team members. However, the shift to Agile is not without issues: many organizations are finding that legacy systems, long-time employees, and tried and true processes are often at odds with the new ways of Agile.

IDC’s CIO Sentiment Survey results show that 48% of organizations are still focusing on Waterfall approaches when it comes to legacy application development, with Agile only being used for innovation projects.