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By 2019, 60% of CIOs will complete infrastructure and application re-platforming using cloud, mobile, and DevOps, clearing the deck for accelerated enterprise digital transformatiopredictions

As digitally-fueled disruptors continue to roil and reshape businesses and industries, the clear mandate for every enterprise is to reimagine and reconstruct itself to compete in the increasingly digital economy that’s platform powered and ecosystem enabled. To help CIOs and senior IT executives through this period of multiplied innovation, International Data Corporation (IDC) today published IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2018 Predictions (Doc #US41789117). These predictions lay out IDC’s vision for the ten most important shifts that will happen in IT organizations over the next 36 months and will guide senior IT executives in the formation of their three-year strategic IT plan.


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After identifying the more strategic role the CIO must take on to face digital disruption of the IT organization in Part 2 of this series, there is the question of utilizing the right talent resources to effectively continue the digital transformation journey.

The DX transition requires specialized talent that isn’t always readily available or accessible within the existing workforce, or within the allocation of the existing workforce. For this reason, it is urgent for CIOs to look at their overall priorities and determine how to best allocate their existing workforce, supplement their workforce with outside vendors, and cultivate changes in their culture that will entice a diminishing workforce.