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When I was a kid, there was one morning in my house that held all the anticipation of Christmas but was on a school day. Once a year my parents would go to my brother’s yearly school fund raiser silent auction. They would return well past my bedtime and I would wake early in the morning in anticipation of what great item they had brought home for me or the family. Often it was a giant stuffed animal or a big box of chocolates, but there is one year that I will never forget. I woke to my mom telling me they had brought home a video player. I was so excited as this was the latest and greatest technology of the time and I couldn’t wait to have friends over to watch movies at home rather than the theater. This euphoria wore off rather quickly though when my mom showed me the big Sony Betamax box sitting in the kitchen. At this point it was already well known that Betamax had lost the consumer video wars to the open VHS platform and I was now sure to be the laughing stock of all my friends. I recovered from that day (eventually got a VHS), but the lesson of open platforms never left me.