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Update – little ditty written a year ago as I jumped back into consulting. interesting how times change as the winds have shifted one year later.

There are times in our lives when everything is just falling right into place, where we see what the future is and how we can attain those things we want. That moment when there is no fear, no concern, and no consternation. You know those times when all is well, and you know exactly how everything is going to turn out. OK, so that time, at least for me, has never existed outside some random romcom found on a late night of Netflix. Instead, we live in a world that sits in a constant state of turmoil presenting us with a myriad of choices on a moment by moment basis that, if not looked at with depth and detail could surely lead to our ultimate demise. This is no more apparent in our lives that when looking at a career path. Every step in that path is fraught with danger, do you take the next job, do you take on that project that could lead you to the next level, or could lead you to, once again, ruin? These choices are not something that we, as adults, can take lightly, but, also, there is no roadmap to really guide us along the way. Sure, there are all the books, all the articles on what it takes to get ahead, but when it comes right down to it, not one of us has the exact same path. And, along with our different paths, there are other people involved in all those decisions. For some, it’s family, some it’s people they work with, or worked with and then there are those uncontrolled random influences that come along and can screw up the best-laid plans and idea. The song “Jamaica Mistaica” by Jimmy Buffett comes to mind in this scenario. For the uninitiated, the song is about a great trip flying his seaplane into a secluded harbor in Jamaica only to be fired upon by local law enforcement thinking he was a drug smuggler. All he wanted was a cheeseburger by the bay and they ruined his plane and his day.


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By 2019, 60% of CIOs will complete infrastructure and application re-platforming using cloud, mobile, and DevOps, clearing the deck for accelerated enterprise digital transformatiopredictions

As digitally-fueled disruptors continue to roil and reshape businesses and industries, the clear mandate for every enterprise is to reimagine and reconstruct itself to compete in the increasingly digital economy that’s platform powered and ecosystem enabled. To help CIOs and senior IT executives through this period of multiplied innovation, International Data Corporation (IDC) today published IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2018 Predictions (Doc #US41789117). These predictions lay out IDC’s vision for the ten most important shifts that will happen in IT organizations over the next 36 months and will guide senior IT executives in the formation of their three-year strategic IT plan.


I learned a lot of things at Mobile World Congress this year from the various vendors and exhibits. The quality of the information I gathered was top notch, but the most interesting discussions came outside the venue. Whether we were on a break or out to dinner, we were discussing the future of mobile.


Bubble_boyIf you are a parent today, you live your life in fear. Everything needs to be sanitized with 99.7 percent anti-bacterial soap to protect your kids from the germs that surround us. The corporate world isn’t much different in their thinking  when it comes to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policies. We have security and IT executives who are scared to death that viruses from the outside are going to walk in on their employee’s smartphones and attack their networks.

I recently wrote a post on that talks about what precautions you need to go to in protecting your networks from BYOD. I  encourage you to read it here.

barcelona_cell_towerIt seems like just yesterday I was on a plane back from Las Vegas after our last HP Discover, and I can’t believe Barcelona is now just around the corner! What I think is even more exciting is that in just that short time I’ve seen the mobile landscape change again. With the launch of the HP Chromebook, the Nexus5, the iPhone 5 (s and c). Too many new changes to count, oh and don’t get me started on the new companies, the mergers, the latest technologies, and it’s only been 5 months.

All this is just making the idea of heading out to Barcelona and meeting customers and industry peers to talk about what HP is doing in the mobile space that much more exciting. For the uninitiated, HP Discover is our big event we hold twice a year to showcase what we, and our partners, are doing. Attendees get to experience the latest hardware, software and services in a fantastic venue on the Mediterranean.  ( I have to admit, I’m going to be doing my best to sneak out and hit the beach. But,  I think I’m going to be pretty booked up.)

Currently I have four different sessions/panels that I’m going to be a part of.  I would love you to come join me at one or all of them as we discuss everything there is to discuss about mobility in the enterprise. Discussions will range from our own journey in HP IT to the entire enterprise mobility landscape. There’s a little something for everyone.

If you’re attending, please be sure to sign up for one of my sessions.  I’m always happy to meet with people that are working in the mobile space and answer questions, but also learn what you are up to. If you haven’t signed up for Discover,I encourage you to register here.  I promise  it’s an awesome conference that you won’t want to miss.

The following is a list of the sessions I’ll be a part of:

BB1682 Mobilizing HP: how to embrace BYOD
BB1683 Mobilizing your enterprise: an expert panel
BB2085 Lessons from HP IT and HP experts. Empowering your mobile workforce – BYOD and productivity
TB1895 Mobilizing the HP enterprise – The IT Journey

Hope to see you all in Barcelona!

Image courtesy of Flickr user Christian Cable.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Christian Cable.

I was just listening to John Stewart interview NY Times writer Michael Moss about his new book Salt Sugar fat and he said something that struck a chord with me. He was talking about the science of creating food and something called the “Bliss factor.” That perfect balance that will ensure that the products are a smash hit with consumers. That’s where I want to go with BYOD policy, I’ve been searching for that perfect mix of hardware, software and education that will protect my IP yet give my consumers that rush they get when eating a Twinkie. OK, I know it’s a bit of flight-o-fancy to think that a BYOD policy can compare to a Twinkie (they are coming back!), but why not, why not venture out on that quest, at least for a little bit.


My panel discussion from HP Discover is now available on-demand from the HP Discover 2012 website. It was a great discussion led by Neil Miles, HP’s Mobility Solution Manager, with Kitty Chow from HP’s Technical Services Marketing, Lars Koelendorf  HP’s PSS Life Cycle Marketing Manager, Ajay Gupta the Director of Notebook Product Management and myself. We talked about everything from how to mobilize the enterprise to HP’s latest offerings in the mobile space.

If you attended the show, simply log in, otherwise a quick registration is required to view the content.

Link to Panel Discussion Video.

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In a time not long ago it was common to see a business person with two phones sitting on the table when they went to lunch. One phone was their personal and one phone was their business (usually a blackberry). But this recently began to change as more and more people began moving to their own smartphones, and with that change came a call from the masses to allow for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Obviously, this has been causing a great deal of turmoil for IT organizations as they try to balance between allowing for BYOD and enforcing their stringent data privacy and access policies.


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I saw a great quote this morning that got me thinking. It’s a famous one by Albert Einstein and it goes like this; “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” With each passing day the enterprise becomes more mobile and we are seeing a quantum shift in the way people communicate, interact and focus their productivity. But are we trying to solve the problems that come with mobility with the same thinking that brought about mobility?



We talk so much lately about the consumerization of IT and the BYOD trend which is blurring the lines between company and personal use of devices but are employees ready to take that to the next level by bringing their own computers to work? Over the years, I’ve known a number of developers who work with Mac based systems that would fight tooth and nail to get them allowed into our PC based world, but have always known that the majority of people I worked with had their company computer and then their personal computer and never the twain shall meet. It’s not that these people had nefarious data on their personal computers, it just that they were “personal.”

There are many who are looking to change this trend, with Microsoft leading the way. In his recent blog post, Managing “BYO” PCs in the enterprise (including WOA), Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live division, said: “Our focus has been on how we can continue to deliver PCs and software that users need, like applications and data-access on any device, with enough IT control to assert that the device is trustworthy, while avoiding any compromise of the user’s privacy on their personal device.” The key here is that Microsoft is trying to offer the best of both worlds where employees can have their own personal computers, but connect them up to the networks in a fashion that is acceptable by IT organizations. However, even though this technology will be available, and it may even placate the IT side of things, the question remains as to whether or not this is something that employees will embrace.